Cupcake Flair and Flavours

lussier_2178_jpegI love baking cupcakes and I’m truly passionate about what I do.

Cupcakes look fantastic, but it’s what’s inside that really counts. I only ever use the finest chocolate, pure vanilla and Madagascar vanilla beans and the freshest fruit so you can really taste the difference.

Here are just a few popular flavours:

Vanilla Bean – Vanilla cake base with Madagascar vanilla bean paste throughout the base and buttercream
Love N Lemon – Lemon zest cake base filled with lemon curd topped with a tart lemon buttercream or cream cheese icing
Key Lime  – Lime zest cake base with a lime twist flavoured swiss meringue icing
Simply Strawberry – Strawberry shortcake base blended with fresh strawberries with a whipped coconut milk icing and diced strawberries
Heavenly Hazelnut – Rich chocolate hazelnut cake base with a hazelnut buttercream rolled in Ferrero Roche bits and drizzled in Nutella
S’mores – Graham wafer bottom, chocolate cake base with a toasted marshmallow icing
Apple Caramel – Nutmeg and cinnamon cake base blended with fresh apples with a caramel buttercream icing drizzled in a dulce de leche sauce
Red Velvet – Rich red velvet cake finished with a cream cheese icing
French Toast – Cinnamon spice vanilla cake base baked with a crumble on top. Icing is a maple infused buttercream drizzled in a caramelized maple syrup
Rocket Chocolate – Chocolate cake base with chocolate icing and chocolate drizzle
Chocolate Toffee Cheesecake Crunch – Chocolate cake base with a toffee flavoured cream cheese icing rolled in toffee bits *Bob Blumer (from the Food Network) personally tried and quoted “the best cupcake I’ve ever had!”
Pumpkin Spice – Spiced pumpkin cake base with a cream cheese icing.
Maple Madness – Maple cake base with a maple infused cream cheese icing
Dirty Blonde – Vanilla cake base with chocolate icing
Banana Nut – Banana cake base (walnuts by choice) With a cream cheese icing rolled in roasted walnuts
Cherry Chip – Cherry/vanilla cake base blended with fresh cherries topped with a cherry buttercream and a cherry on top!
Black Forest – Double chocolate cake base with a cherry kirsch filling. Icing is a whipped heavy cream topped with dark chocolate shavings and a cherry
Chocolate Coconut Ganache – Chocolate and coconut cake base with a chocolate ganache icing sprinkled with sweetened coconut
Blueberry Blast – Blueberry/vanilla cake base blended with fresh blueberries topped with a cream cheese icing
Carrot Crave – Carrot cake with a cream cheese icing rolled in roasted walnuts
Cranberry Clementine – Cranberry/vanilla cake base blended with cranberries covered in a clementine buttercream
Relish Rhubarb – Zippy rhubarb cake base with a vanilla bean buttercream
Vanilla Toffee – Vanilla/toffee cake base with a vanilla/toffee buttercream rolled in toffee